Stolen Mac Calls Home - How it Works

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When you install "Mac Calls Home" software on your Mac - it automatically registers on our server and reports your Mac Serial Number.
All reports associated with your Mac Serial Number only. If the same Product ID License moved from one Mac to another - software will generate reports on last Mac registered.

Every time your Mac booted or re-booted - "Mac Calls Home" software starts running in the background taking virtually no computer resources (top reports 00%% of CPU usage on MacBook 2Ghz dual processor).
It runs for a few minuted in "waiting for login" mode. If no login errors were reported - it switches to background mode.

When login screen appears - software starts looking for login errors. Report your Mac Stolen

  • If no errors detected - software switches to background mode where it checks against our server weather or not this Mac's Serial Number have been reported stolen.
  • If login error(s) detected during initial run - it will switch to network searching and reporting. The same happens if program receives a report of being stolen.
  • If necessary "Mac Calls Home" will "force re-boot" your Mac to gain wireless network and it will run until report was submitted successfully.
  • Re-booting your Mac will not stop reporting procedure which includes active search for any network available (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FireWire or Ethernet).
  • Mac owner do not have to fill-out any special reports in order to initialize the trace of stolen Mac - "Mac Calls Home" will report to our server every instance of an error. If that was a mistake - just login to your "Mac Calls Home" account and uncheck "Report this Mac Stolen" if it was already checked by "Mac Calls Home" software.
  • Stolen "Mac Calls Home" software is useful for laptops like MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iBook as well as for Apple desktops.
    It does not matter which Mac walked-out on you. Unless System Hard Drive have been wiped-out - "Mac Calls Home" will keep-on-running without thief knowledge.

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remote download?
posted by: tpj9393 on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 03:27 AM
is it possible to remotely download "Mac calls home" if I know the ssid etc of network that my stolen Mac is on?
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