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Our eBook has most information readily available on how to apply many tools your Macintosh has right out-of-the-box, how to add components to it and many ideas on what could be done to automate many processes you may never thought could be automated.

eBook Highlights

  • Using/scheduling cron jobs
  • Using AppleScript to perform daily/hourly tasks
  • Collecting information on the Internet including Google searches and storing it for later use
  • Using Mac applications from Applications folder without ever touching your computer
  • Combining different applications in one program to get bigger and better results
  • Making your Mac talk to your Web Server or any other computer and exchanging information
  • Creating daemon processes

This is just a small portion of what's covered in our eBook

Skills required

Some computer skills required to use information in our eBook.

  • AppleScript - some knowledge and ability to cut and paste
  • Scripting language like Perl, bash or PHP - will simplify process of collecting and posting information
  • cUrl, FTP, ability to use Perl modules for advanced features and greater flexibility

If you do not poses any of the above skills - our eBook will help you grasp an idea of how to structure your business, make an important additions and improve your existing business or how to make it more profitable without spending a fortune.

We will show and explain what your Macintosh could do and what to expect.
One of the examples: in nine out of ten cases our readers were able to double their Google Adsense income within the first month and many months after that.

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